Hamilton Wedding Photographer

We capture moments.

A little look between a newly minted husband and wife. A pat on the back from a proud Dad. A kiss on the cheek from a loving grandmother. These are moments that cant be staged but are so important to look back on and remember.

Our goal is to fill your gallery with as many of these moments as possible. Not to worry, we still get the “grandma” shot (The smiling-staring-straight-at-the-camera photo that you give to Grandma for Christmas.) we know photos like that are important, but we spend most of our time focussing on capturing those split second moments. And we think those photos, are the best ever.

Main Photographer // Melody Adams

I have always had a passion for all things creative and photography is the one that has stuck the most. A lot of people are quite surprised at how young I am. But even though some people might see my age as inexperience, I see it as a major advantage. I’m not stuck in my ways, I’m always willing to try new and exciting things for a great shot. You want to get up at 4 in the morning and drive nearly two hours, followed by a 45 minute walk, just to get the perfect beach photos at sunrise? (totally did that) then I’m the one to call.

Having planned my own wedding and helped in planning of others, as well as the weddings I’ve photographed, I have a lot of background knowledge of the day. And I really enjoy being a part of every aspect of your special moments and helping it run as smoothly as possible.

Images by the incredible Matt at Anchor & Grace Photography


What does Letfus mean?

This is one question we get asked a lot, and the answer is pretty simple. Letfus is the maiden name of the two main photographers at Letfus Photo. We love having our husbands names, and being a part of their family. But its great to have our maiden names still be a major part of our lives.

What is your photography style?

The best way to get a feel for my photography style is to look through some of our wedding blog posts. But if I had to put it into words it would be along the lines of documentary/lifestyle/storytelling. And all of those other words that basically mean I love to capture moments as they are, and as they happen.


Where are you based, and do you travel?

I currently live in Hamilton, NZ, but I am more than willing to travel. I have photographed at many places around New Zealand, and would love to explore more places in both this beautiful country, and others around the world.


How many photos do we get?

This is different for every wedding. It depends on the number of hours coverage, and a few other factors. The minimum we deliver for full day coverage is around 500. We don’t include every single photo we take, but rest assured, we include all good photos. If nobody is blinking and it’s not a double up, you’ll probably get a copy!


 How much does it cost?

Our prices start at $3000 for full day coverage.


How can we book?

Easy! We require a booking fee, and a signed contract before you’re officially booked in. You can do all that online. Contact us to get the process started, and to see if we’re available on your date.