New Zealand Wedding Photographer // Letfus Photo

There are so many things to think about when planning a wedding, and so many New Zealand Wedding Photographers to choose from, so where do you even start?

I may be a bit biased, but I think your choice of photographer is one of the most important decisions to make when it comes to your wedding day. When you leave the venue, when you finish your wedding cake, when you wipe off your makeup and pack away your wedding dress, all you’ll have left are your memories. And what better way to keep memories alive than through epic photos!

You’re also going to be spending a heck of a lot of time with your wedding photographer (up to 14 hours if you book  Letfus Photo!) and you really want to get along with them well. Again, I may be biased, but I think I’m pretty cool and would be a great addition to your wedding day. Complete with awful jokes that you can pretend to laugh at but really you’ll be laughing at ME. Buuut the BEST way to find out if we’re gonna be a good match is to send me a message and let’s go out for a drink- beer, coffee, or even herbal tea- whatever your poison, let’s get to know each other!

Or if you want to do a bit more research before meeting up, that’s all good too! You can find out a bit more about me (Melody, head photographer for Letfus Photo) the other people we work with, and check out our FAQs over on our About Page.